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Electric Vehicle (EV)

How Analogy redefines electric vehicles through interaction and industrial design


Meeting the mark
our Approach

We strategize on a human-centred approach by prioritising the needs and preferences of the end-user and brainstorm different ways to introduce sensorial elements.

the ideation that needs to take place in order to get innovation
Design Drivers

Reimagining EVs by bridging industrial design, user experience, and technology to create fresh and unique experiences is essential for future-proofing, ensuring a consistent user experience and adaptability to changing business needs.

Global Design Outreach
Current Landscape

With rising automotive rivalry, the present EV market is fast evolving. EV sales have been increasing steadily in recent years, and in 2020, a record number of EVs were sold globally, despite the pandemic. According to the International Energy Agency, global EV sales rose by 43% in 2020, with 3 million new EVs sold worldwide.

Our Approach

While EVs are being heavily publicized, a few things are preventing them from being successful.  Among all the challenges the EV industry faces, the most prominently reported problems are long charging hours, insufficient charging stations, higher costs and low mileage of the vehicles. Our challenge was to address these problems and offer simple solutions to improve the driving experience of EV owners. 

We, at Analogy, involve a human-centred approach to these issues and play around with additional sensory cues, using Haptics, to enhance the user’s driving experience. With several rounds of iterations, we create several unique concepts for the brief at hand.

01 Observing users and their habits

02 Understanding business and functional challenges

03 Exploring opportunities and features

04 Refining concepts

05 Iterative prototyping and testing

Steering wheels designing ideation taking place here.
Steering wheels design for various EV manufacturers

Design Drivers For Success

01 Utilise working concepts

Several concepts are iterated while taking the user’s wants, preferences, and behaviours into account and blending them to fit unique form factors.

02 Test Drive points

A number of concepts are made into prototypes, which are then tested in order to assess, improve, and validate design choices.

03 Create a scalable system

A scalable solution is designed to handle a growing number of users, features, and data while maintaining performance and usability.

Current Landscape

How to transform the EV Industries
Traditional car gearbox
Innovation in the EV Industries

The EV market is developing quickly, and a number of current developments are influencing this expansion. Sales of EVs have been rising steadily in recent years, spurred by factors including government subsidies, declining battery prices, and rising customer knowledge of the benefits of EVs. The EV market is seeing increased competition as more automakers enter it. This is driving innovation and leading to more affordable and advanced EVs for consumers.

Some of our work

Automobile clients we have worked with

Futurecasting Automobile HMI

At Analogy, we use futurecasting to envision how Human Machine Interface (HMI) design will match the needs of users in the future. Our team uses cutting-edge methodologies to predict how technology will integrate with our daily lives, creating visionary interfaces that anticipate user needs. We strive to create a world where technology is seamlessly integrated into our lives, making them easier, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling.

02 Enjoyable interfaces

02 Researching market gaps

03 Ease of technology integration

Ellios car concept
Elios is a car dashboard design by Analogy
Navigation Design for car dashboards
Controls for HMI design to feed airflow

Crafted Interfaces

We focus on creating an emotional connection between the driver and the car through the HMI. We go beyond just providing functional features and aim to delight the user with personalised touches that create a sense of ownership and pride in the brand and machine.

We understand that the car is not just a mode of transportation, but a representation of the driver’s identity. That’s why we work tirelessly to create a sense of ownership and pride in our users. Our HMIs are designed to make our users feel like they are part of a community, with shared values and a sense of belonging.

01 Delightful Experiences

02 From brand to user experience design

03 Functional and personalised interfaces

Car dashboard design and HMI design

Driving a car is a very tactile experience. The vibrations that users feel when driving normal cars serve as sensory cues. However, when operating electric automobiles, this is lost. By installing haptic systems on the steering wheel, drivers will be able to feel the road, giving them a more informed and intuitive experience.

Senior Industrial Designer at Analogy

Thoughts from our team of experts

“Our current approach to designing EVs is about creating a vehicle that is not just efficient and clean but also exciting and fun to drive.”

Kshitij Rajput

Sr industrial designer

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