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A well designed product requires a well defined strategy. To clearly understand how the product should be positioned, branded, communicated to the right audience is as important as each detail and function on the product. We help clients understand the various nuances that are required to understand and launch a product to market.

Indeed, we cannot converse with physical objects. Still, an object that exudes good industrial design always tells a story with a beautiful, product experience being at the forefront of them all. We create unique, beautiful and emotive objects for our clients that catches the attention of the consumer today and well into the future.

Product packaging, now more than ever, plays an even more important role for the consumer. It is a combination of brand recognition and visual differentiator that communicates to the customer your product proposition. Above all, Analogy will help your product carve a unique, impactful identity that resonates with the customer through a combination of product messaging, naming, graphics, and structure design.

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We use a unique methodology and approach to create tangible yet creative results for our clients


Breaking down the problem to the basic principles


Deep exploration in the shoes of the user


Discover analogies to create fresh associations


Disruptive ideas to solve real problems


Prototype and elevate an idea to reality


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