India Design Forum  was the first organization in South Asia to offer a global discourse on Design. The conference was held in Bangalore over the course of 2 days on 23rd and 24th of November, their platform encourages innovation, fosters design education and promotes the power of design. This year was their 7th edition and was centered on the theme – Disruptive Design.

The first day kicked off with 12 speakers from different parts of the world. The speaker line up was extremely well curated and we got to listen to different point of views and learned about new trends and possibilities in the field of perfume design, photography, design thinking, fashion, and even Pajoki. Sustainability and Technology in design was another interesting topic that was covered by a few speakers at the conference.

For film enthusiasts, you missed the opportunity of listening to Biren Ghosh, Country head of Technicolor -India talk, and show us his production journey of The Jungle Book. He showed the audience the making of the upcoming movie, and trust me, the excitement level in the room immediately shot up.

According to Steve Lidbury, while one is designing for the future, millenials should be the key target audiences for any business. He ended his talk with Eight key design environment shifts. The shifts involve the move from demographics to psycho-graphics; goods to experiences; logo to purpose; solo shoppers to affinity communities; later to instant gratification; channels to seamless conversations; advertising to sensory storytelling; and product display to brand immersion. These eight key shifts lead to disruption in design. Eight Inc is renowned for having worked with Steve Jobs and conceptualizing the first Apple store.

India Design Forum Conference


Intriguing installations at UB city

Apart from the talks, there were amazing indoor and outdoor  installations at the venue. Kavya Madappa, filled the stairs at UB city with vibrant paper planes. No trees were cut to make the paper for the installation. All the paper was made out of cotton rags. The installation was designed to transform the perception of space and create positive impressions of freedom. The imagery of birds soaring towards light is an attempt to educate people on environmental and water conservation.

Choose freedom. Choose flight. Choose earth-friendly products.

installations at UB city conference
Captured by BBD

Pajoki (Pah – Yoh – Ki) chandelier making is a traditional springtime craft in Poland.  Karolina Merska is extremely well known for this craft. Karolina spoke on the first day of the conference,  conducted a workshop and made a Pajoki installation with fresh flowers at UB city.

Polish Craft Pajoki Installation
Captured by BBD

It’s so refreshing to attend a conference where design is being discussed on such a large scale. Hoping that IDF continues to be a strong advocate and active promoter of design in India.