Product Design for efficiency


Thermal efficiency compared to 30% in regular burners, our design helped increase it from 69% to 78%


savings in gas fuel usage helps commercial kitchens save operational costs increasing profits.


international design awards for excellence in Industrial design and product design brand language and DNA.

Preserves Nutrition

Food cooks evenly, not slowly, and retains nutrients.

Zero Carbon Emission

Without a vertical flame, there is no soot or emission.

Low Ambient Heat

Keeps the ambient temperature in the kitchen low.

Safer than gas stoves

Low pressure avoids kickbacks and explosions.

Before & After

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Let's Start

How a new Industry standard was created

Commercial cooking stoves have been using the same blue flame technology for quite a long time. With a low thermal efficiency of 30%, it takes a lot of time to heat and leads to higher ambient temperature in the kitchen. Even the food prepared loses its moisture and nutrients due to the way it burns. Also, the high carbon emissions make maintenance a nightmare. More than 20% of costs are spent on cleaning and sanitizing kitchen equipment in commercial kitchens.

In addition to all these, commercial kitchens always struggle with limited space. Over the course of breakfast, lunch and dinner, chefs use a variety of utensils. So, when the chef is preparing lunch, utensils needed to make dinner are lying around redundant.

Problems were plenty. And it called for a solution that addressed them all.

Our Design team began by tackling how to improve burner technology. Aiming for a better combustion process, the burner technology was completely reinvented. We worked closely with the founder and R&D head Mr. Hari Rao to achieve this. Mimicking the way charcoal burns, we used uniform radiant heat for better thermal efficiency. With this patented burner technology, you could heat faster, leave no residue, and retain food nutrients. Also looking at the entire range as a single product line helped create efficiencies and push for a functional and better-looking product with a consistent design language.

Single burner and quad burner cooking ranges of the Agnisumukh commercial line, designed by Analogy

And through extensive ethnographic research into the dishes prepared, we figured out the type of utensils that can be adapted into a modular system. We designed the main cooking stove that acts as the base over which several attachments/ mods could be swapped around. Kitchen space was a big concern and this modular system led to efficient use of it.

Additionally, this also reduced the number of SKUs required and led to a huge reduction in manufacturing costs.

professional commercial kitchen with chefs

"...steps based on performance data, which they collected over 10 weeks visiting our users’ kitchens. "

-Hari Rao, Founder, R&D Head

We also understood ‘how’ a chef cooks, along with ‘why’ it’s done a particular way. Over a period of 10 weeks, we observed user behaviour in their native environment – kitchens. Existing vessel designs never accommodated for the pace in which a chef cooks. Looking at the movements in the kitchen, we realized we had to protect the delicate ceramic surface of the burner. So, we designed a solid vessel rest that protected the surface as well as doubled as a base to accommodate multiple vessel sizes. Since chefs spent considerable time using the stove, the product had to adapt to their behaviour.

It was imperative to design for habit.

Within a short span of time, the product has accumulated a number of awards for its design and innovation. Agnisumukh has bagged some of the biggest hospitality chains as their clients, including Taj Group, ITC Hotels, Infosys, Apollo Hospitals, Radisson Blu, etc.. It’s also interesting to know that official kitchens of President of India and Prime Minister of India are powered by Agnisumukh’s cooking ranges.

The End Result

Agnisumukh is poised well to create a global impact with its efficient product design and a wide range of applications for its customers.

Historically, stove manufacturers never understood how chefs cook. And chefs never understood how its designed. When it all came together now, you create a much better-designed stove that chefs love.

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