Geometry has always found itself playing a lead role in design. The use of geometry and mathematical patterns is resurfacing today. Increase in the use of geometry design can be seen in the growing popularity of fractal art. Very few designers have found amazing ways to work with geometry design and color. Mohamed Samir and Jeremy Booth are exceptions with this regard and both these designers make us see the world a little differently.

We at Artifact Design have created a collection of phone wallpapers that have been inspired by individual designers or an art movement. The geometric wallpapers focus on angles and bright visual identity. The designers have settled on using triangles in their design to keep it clean and simple.


Geometry design wallpapers

The inspiration for this abstract wallpaper has been taken from an atom. The geometry design is based on how everything was formed. The metallic reflections denote the endless possibilities of one simple object.

The graphics style used:  A dark silhouette of a tessellated sphere forming an atom like structure.

“The universe cannot be read until we don’t learn to understand the language it is written in. It is written in mathematics, and the letters are triangles, circles and other geometrical figures, without which it is humanly impossible to understand a single word.” – Galileo Galilei


Geometry Meets Design For These Free Wallpapers 1

Usage of the shapes, colors and patterns in this wallpaper design has been borrowed from the Memphis art movement. Organic and inorganic shapes have been utilized as far back as the Memphis art movement in the 80’s. Combining geometry and design is relevant to our time, and use of playful bright colors has reemerged. This comeback from the 80’s  is here for the long haul.



The deep blue wallpaper is an abstract design of time and space. Inspiration has been taken from the designers thought of “What could be that one event happening in infinite space, that sets it apart from the million other things happening every second ?”. You will notice the design has plenty of bold cuts, light shadows and angular lines that have been emphasized upon. These have been used to give prime focus to the out of place, orange triangle. The orange triangle highlights that one event. The repetition of triangles at the top, gently guides the eyes to the right.

Give us your feedback on these wallpapers, and let us know which style you liked. We will keep in mind your opinions when we work on the next series of wallpaper designs.