Until early 2017, we primarily worked with our U.S. clients and our foray into the Indian market is more recent. In this short span, we’ve worked, on some exclusive projects for renowned brands and radical businesses. We created a complete solution for consumer electronic product and packaging for Marvel that coincided with their launch of the new Spiderman movie- We did this with our partners at StuffCool. We’re glad that Amazon India entrusted us with the creation of varied occasions based brand campaigns that were well received by their stakeholders. Our work culture has taken us on paths of innovation to come up with new applications for some of the largest Indian brands and companies. While we continue to work with these brands, we are happy to be exploring diverse Indian segments like Kitchen Equipment, Smart Tech and Travel and Lifestyle Accessories.

Indian Market
Product and Packaging design for Marvel products launched by Stuffcool


analogy industrial design bangalore
Creating packaging prototypes

Design Thinking and Problem Solving

At Artifact Design, our abilities to solve complex or day to day problems involve the application of clear Design Thinking. Our approach is always to view any problem in a context of the users and the environment it belongs to. To fully understand the magnitude of a problem, one needs to be aware of different user scenarios and user interactions. This helps identify gaps in the real world. As designers, we use this to ideate different solutions for existing problems. It is this ideology that has enabled us to deliver quality and consistency this past year for our clients from diverse sectors.

analogy design studio industrial designWe are an Indian Design Niche

We are thankful that our experiments with production and development services were highly successful and well appreciated by our clients. However, digressing from our primary aim of becoming a Design niche in India has never been on our cards. We aim to provide more quality rich experiences for all our clients in the years to come.

This year has brought about some great experiences and wonderful conversations. We interacted with big brands, new brands, experienced professionals and business owners. We have had a chance to experiment more in India than ever before. The diversity and range of opportunities that India provides get us excited about the future.

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