We are constantly on the move, and racing against time. EUME massager backpacks act as a balance to this rush, providing you with the momentary stillness, and revitalization that you deserve. It gives you the power to focus on more important things.

The Challenge

Carrying a heavy sling bag or backpack on a daily basis increases the chances of discomfort and back pain. This load over long stretches of time strains your back, and shoulder muscles. This strain is caused due to lack of blood circulation to the muscles. Commuting daily with substantial loads over long stretches of time becomes an exhausting routine that causes genuine harm.

Our Solution? A range of massager backpacks to suit your needs.

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Weight distribution is key


Closer to your spine, to carry it ergonomically
Closer to your spine, to carry it ergonomically

The Innovation: World’s First Massager Backpacks

We think that this is one of those “why didn’t I think of this before” kind of ideas, and it truly is. Urban mobility luggage solutions are a huge need of the hour. Millions of people around the world use backpacks to store and secure their daily essentials, while others explore the great outdoors with a backpack.

Even on a solo trip, the backpack is your true and loyal companion.

The EUME Daily Pack and Travel Pack are the world’s first massager backpacksBoth the backpacks are designed from ground up to improve your blood circulation, relax your back, and reduce fatigue through the day. Several compartments have been added for better weight distribution, and storage optimization in an intelligent manner. The form hugs your back, and the straps have been designed to improve your posture, helping you walk straight.

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Daily and Travel Pack
Daily and Travel Pack Massager Backpacks

The founders at EUME approached us to brand, and design their vision of the Daily and Travel Pack massager backpacks. Both the backpacks share some incredible features while keeping the users in mind. The Daily Pack has been designed keeping in mind the routine of the urban warrior, and the Travel Pack has been designed keeping in the mind the travel enthusiast. Both the bags assure comfort, immense storage space, easy accessibility, security and peace of mind.

Thoughtful Design with form and function in mind
Thoughtful Design with form and function in mind

Urban patterns and premium materials
Urban patterns and premium materials

The massager backpacks have been designed using urban patterns which work as a canvas to express yourself. Premium materials – Nylon and Hypalon have also been used to give a contrast of hard, and soft texture to the massager backpack.

The inbuilt massager is a key feature in both the backpacks. It helps you relax at your choice of time, and place. You can now enjoy massages on your way to work, and even while hiking.

Daily Pack

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One major limitation of having a smaller backpack is space. It constrains you from packing how much you want, and when you try to squeeze a few necessary items into your backpack, the weight of the bag increases. This increase in weight takes a toll on your back.

When compared to other backpacks, the EUME daily pack weighs less and has storage compartments for all your daily necessities.

Daily Pack features
Daily Pack features


Daily Pack massager backpacks
Minimal sophisticated design and cutting-edge technology
Daily massager backpack
Daily Pack – Inbuilt massager backpack
Daily massager backpack storage
All your daily accessories and more fit comfortably in the bag

The Daily Pack has an inbuilt USB port, which allows you to seamlessly charge your phone/tablet anywhere, at any time. It also hosts a micro USB port, with lets you simultaneously charge your power bank as well.

We recommend using a 5,000 mAh power bank, which ensures a seamless flow of charge for your devices, and the back massager.  We designed the massager backpacks to have a seamless exterior, and a compact footprint, but at the same time the interior of the bag hosts a ton of useful features.


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Daily Pack features

The compartments provide easy access to all your stuff. The icons on the bag designate where to store things, and the built-in charging system powers up your mobile and tablet. The bag has multiple storage compartments, some of which are hidden for security purposes.

More integrated features of the Daily Pack have been mentioned below, as those features are shared with the Travel Pack.

Inbuilt massager backpack
Loosen your muscles while you’re on the go.

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The Daily Pack massager backpacks come in two colors. The first option is a combination of two colors, grey melange, and black. The second color option is a combination of gray melange and urban camo pattern.

Travel Pack

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The EUME Travel Pack is designed for travel enthusiasts, who can commute for longer duration’s without having space constraint. These packing systems make packing less of an ordeal.

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Backpack Features
massager backpack
Inbuilt massager backpack
massager travel backpack storage
Travel accessories can be comfortably packed in the bag

A lay-flat open design lets the user easily pack their essentials into the travel pack. Intelligently placed support straps, and a convenient side handle makes traveling and carrying around your belongings a breeze with these massager backpacks.

Massager backpacks colour options

They come in two colors. The first option is a combination of two colors, grey melange, and black. The second color option is a combination of gray melange and urban camo pattern.

Travel pack massager features
Inbuilt features

Convenient modular pouches make packing less of a hassle. These pouches allow you to make better use of the space in the bag, and your items are better protected while allowing you to fit more into your bag.

Unlike the Daily Pack, which has an inbuilt laptop and tablet compartment, the Travel Pack has a detachable electronic sleeve. This electronic sleeve houses your laptop, tablet, chargers and a book.

Staking of the pouches in the bag is really easy, as the shape given to the pouches ensures that there are barely any awkward gaps. The symbol on each organizer makes it easy for the traveler to pack their belongings in the designated pouches.

The detachable electronic sleeve in the travel pack is designed such that you don’t need to lug your bag around everywhere. You can conveniently carry only your electronic devices in the sleeve, and leave the bag behind.

Inbuilt Massager Backpacks

massager backpacks
Inbuilt back massager

The back massager relieves stress and relaxes tightened muscles. You can now stop wishing for a back massage at the end of the day. With the EUME massager backpacks, you’re just one press away from a back massage.

You can adjust the flexible back torso, with the easy straps on the back of the bag. It helps you to align the top massagers and the bottom ones, to support areas where you would like a massage. The primary focus of the adjustment straps is the user’s shoulder and lower back

backpack massager modes
Inbuilt backpack massager modes

The massager activates at the touch of a button and has 3 modes. The first mode operates only the top massager, the second mode operates the lower massager, and the third mode operates BOTH the massagers.

Common Features of Both the Backpacks

backpack features
Daily pack and Travel pack share some incredible features
Inbuilt charging port
Never run out of charge