Immersive digital experiences

that inspire you to interact seamlessly

Every interface is predominantly digital, so much so that there is no distinction between the why and the what for digital products. Every brand, has to have an app or they are not relevant, every story needs a page online and so forth. In this vast realm of the digital world, we focus on our expertise in creating digital products that are new, relevant, fresh and needed. We strongly believe the internet is as polluted as our planet is and if we are to put up something there, it needs to be sustainable as well as holistic. We help companies and brands that plan to launch digital products that can help consumers solve a need, more than a want and a strong problem or an opportunity.

Our Focus

Products driven by digital interactions

Whether you have an in house design team or no design team, our intention is to be design advisors and help derive a fresh perspective on digital design. We believe every interaction gives us a unique opportunity for expression and substance. Our work, as a design-driven studio, focuses on finer details in storytelling because we know from experience that they make all the difference.

What We do

Product Evaluation

- UX Audit
- UI Audit
- Insights
- Trend Analysis

User Interfaces

- Screen Ideation
- UI Element Design
- Define Target personas
- Visual Design Direction

User Experience

- Problem Prioritisation
- Information Architecture
- User Scenario
- User Flows

Data Design

- Ideation Sprints
- Data Models
- Data Mapping
- Data Visualisation
- Dashboard Navigation

App & Web Design

- UI Style Guide
- UI Conceptualisation
- High Fidelity Prototypes
- Multi-platform Design
- Micro Interactions & Animations

Enterprise Software

- Design System
- Product Architecture
- Product Bundling
- UX Research Insights
- Strategy Support

For Us, Quality matters any day over Quantity


Physical & Digital products launched into the market for our clients, some award winning and each one the best version.


International Awards indicate the success our clients have had working with our talented team of designers.

We use industry-leading tools to create tangible yet creative results for our clients

Our framework

We are called Analogy for a reason. We believe that in order to create fresh and disruptive ideas, analogies help create a completely new perspective. Process is not just about research, sketching, prototype and repeat. Its much more than just mere steps and skills. We define a process as an analytical and logical method to foster creative problem solving and adding impact by identifying opportunities and solutions to increase the overall user experience of a product.


Define user needs and pain points.


Understand features and priorities.


Create frameworks that can extend to all target users.


Ideate to solve the problems focussing on the user


Create a user experience around the product


Work with developers to maintain design integrity.

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