The Bangalore Design Week (BDW) is a week-long celebration of design, dedicated to creative engagements and inspiration. This is Bangalore city’s very first Design Week. The team at BDW aims to spread design awareness and grow the role of designers in our society.

It kicked off on 29th September, with the Design Sante being their first event. The venue for Design Sante couldn’t have been better. We reached the venue at 4:00 pm, and behind the stalls, we could see the Jayamahal Palace proudly standing.

The atmosphere at the Design Sante was fresh and lively. They had a bunch of amazing designers showcasing their products, and with each passing stall, we could see the creativity this city has to offer. Shopping at the event was a real task because every stall had a fantastic collection. We left the event more than a few thousands lighter.

Going the eco-friendly way is definitely in. A lot of the artists were selling products they designed using paper, fabric, thread, wood, glass, and leather. It was heartening to see designs with a conscience. As designers, it is critical we are sensitive to reducing environmental damage and think about sustainability.

Design Sante Stalls

The live performances in the evening was like a cherry on top. The performances are what set the mood of the Design Sante for me. They had a really good line up of artists performing at the event. To top it all, there were dancers spinning blazing rings of fire. We were exhausted by the end of the event, but the exuberance, positivity, smiles, and warmth from the crowd were infectious.

Something that could have made the event better, would be having more installations, which is something we were really looking forward to. All in all, it was a Saturday well spent.