On the eve of Father’s Day, we come back to you with our promise. We had asked you to keep an eye on this space and check out all the amazing gifting designs we made for fathers as a project with Amazon India. Well here we are!

Just as for all the other events, we’ve worked with graphic art to express the love every kid – big or small – has for their Dads. Amazon India loved our fresh and unique outlook for each event and appreciated us for our designs. We are proud of that and owe it all to our parents and loved ones!

Take a look at some of the designs we have made (specific to Father’s day) here; And for rest of our works please visit our website

Dear Daddies, 1

Dear Daddies, 2

Dear Daddies, 3

Dear Daddies, 4

Dear Daddies, 5

We love working on stuff that make a difference, that touch hearts and stuffs that make us the coolest design studio in Bengaluru!

Happy Father’s Day to you all!