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Analogy Studio In Bangalore India

We are looking for creators and disruptors who can take full ownership in their work.

Why Analogy

Analogy is one of the best design studios in India and we are on our way to creating and building one of the best design studios in the world. Our goal is to curate and create a team of high performers who are masters at their skill set and we also prefer people who have the passion to build this business with a team of amazing individuals. We believe in creating a team of specialists as we build studios around the world. Currently we are starting up in singapore and very soon we will be in the US and Europe too. We aim to build a world class studio of indian origins, something that has never been done before. Come join us and help us build this ambitious and lofty goal. Its a nice place to be with great people but not a place to chill!!!!, if you know what we mean. Serious fun is what we are all about.

We are not just a workplace choice or a trampoline to move on, many have stayed back to create a huge impact and thus become partners and own profit sharing and equity in the company. As we create global studios around the world you will have a chance to work at these locations to create impact worldwide and experience a new place, and people and learn from the best in the world. A sensible and fair incentive system that rewards hard work, discipline and key contributions to the company’s growth

What Makes us Unique

We are a global design studio working on Industrial design, HMI and User experience design projects located in Bangalore, India. Our studio is a state-of-the-art design and excellence center, designed by designers for designers, and we work with the world’s leading enterprises and startups to deliver cutting-edge design solutions and innovative tech solutions. We are proud to be one of the best design studios globally and are ranked no 13 in product design studios globally by Clutch. We are also rapidly growing internationally. We believe in being “Human by Design”.

We believe that technology should be designed to empower people, not control them. We believe in the power of human-by-design. Our approach is to build products that use technology to give people the best possible experience. That means we’re always looking for ways to engage with users and help them achieve their goals, whether they’re buying a new car or booking a vacation. We think it’s important to create products that are not just functional, but also emotional that connects with people in a way that makes them want to use them again and again.

Design Integrity

Analogy was started with one simple goal to elevate the value add of what design can do. We believe in transforming objects and experiences. We do not try to be different for the sake of being different. Some things that are unique about us are that we are 100% design-led and the focus is to bring design to the table globally by believing in the right advantages of design.

We don’t believe that design is for show, it’s not just about having fun and games, throwing jargon words and talking like you are on a stage. Everyone at Analogy, bears a responsibility to the largest and smallest of our clients. Each client who comes to us trusts us to deliver their vision in a simple, impressive and timely manner. There are plenty of times when we have to go above and beyond for them and we are more than happy to do that.

We are not here to be just a role on your resume. People who have moved away from Analogy have gone on to be super successful in their careers. Studio and consultancy work pushes you to strengthen your best abilities and be at the top of your game in a very short amount of time. It also gives you a strong set of projects that you can proudly display on your portfolio without having to deal with the issue of credits and IP. It helps you build true character and get rid of all the useless fluff around being a designer.

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