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When you combine ideas from different industries or different cultures, that's when you have the best sense of developing groundbreaking ideas.

– Frans Johansson

Visualising a porsche

Every designer needs to get to know visualising objects that they have designed. For this to happen, you need to be good at studying great works of art, products, successful products and understand basics, like composition, light, shadow, textures, paint and colour. This is what we set out to do with our Designer Daniel Philip leading the way.


Designing A growing kids' bike that grows with them.

From the moment our little ones learn to crawl, the journey to greater mobility begins. Bicycles often represent one of the major milestones for children, opening a new world of exploration and autonomy. However, as any parent will tell you, kids outgrow bikes almost as quickly as they outgrow their clothes. Today, we’re exploring an innovative solution to this issue: a bike designed to grow with your child simply by changing its orientation.

Kids’ bikes hold immense potential for design innovation, offering a world of opportunities to create joyful and safe adventures for young riders. From balance bikes for toddlers to advanced models for older children, each stage of a child’s cycling journey presents unique design challenges and possibilities.

At the core of designing kids’ bikes lies the principle of balancing safety and fun. The first step is to ensure the right fit for different age groups. Smaller bikes with adjustable features cater to the growth of children, allowing them to feel comfortable and confident as they progress. Ergonomically designed handlebars, seats, and pedals support healthy postures and reduce the risk of strain or injury, encouraging a lifelong love for cycling.

Inspired By Viking references

From the dawn of civilization, bottles have been more than just containers. They’ve been art, symbol, and story, carrying within them not just liquids but histories and cultures. Drawing from this rich tapestry of history – ‘Skara’, was inspired by the Viking era, and an embodiment of the phrase ‘Elixir of the Gods’.

Skara’s design elements are replete with references to Viking artifacts and mythology. The bottle’s shape is inspired by the sleek contours of a Viking longboat, signifying exploration and bravery. Its structure carries a distinct sense of forward movement, echoing the daring spirit of the Viking explorers.

At the heart of the bottle lies the ‘elixir’ itself. The use of a translucent glass base provides a tantalizing glimpse into the liquid within, conjuring images of mead-filled feasts in Viking halls.

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