For a second time in a row, we are thrilled to share Analogy’s win at India’s Best Design Awards (IBDA) 2019. While last year, we picked up the IBDA for STOK – Smart Inventory Management, this year we won for our design of a commercial cooking stove.

Where did it all begin?

Have you ever seen a kitchen at the restaurant you dine at? It is busy, people are on the move, space is tight and temperatures are very high. Completely aware of this environment we now needed to find a solution to place our client’s large, energy-saving equipment in commercial kitchen spaces. 

Of course, there were challenges.

One, the current product had multiple parts each for a specialized function, thus adding to the size and space needed. This hampered costs and space efficiency.

And two, the chefs were choosing not to use the multiple parts, and sticking to just one. This caused energy inefficiencies and wear and tear of the delicate surface atop the infrared ceramic burners. For a commercial kitchen space, this meant losing a lot of money on frequent replacement costs and service requests.

Let’s go modular.

After carefully understanding the challenges and also visiting some of these commercial kitchen spaces, we worked on a strategy to save space, money and the chef’s effort in the kitchen. Analogy designed a modular system that adapted to the requirements of the kitchen space it was being used in. Our client had an award-winning technology that was highly regarded by the global community. It had also cleared 15 of the 17 UN SDG and was known for a high heat efficiency in the kitchen. By swapping these attachments, the new design of the commercial stove greatly increased efficiency on the kitchen floor. 

The true benefit, however, was for our client. The modular system standardized a lot of parts involved in the manufacturing process. This resulted in a massive cut down on the number of SKUs of equipment to be produced for an average kitchen, thus saving our client time and money while increasing his profits.

Let’s Work Together!

Curious to see what we created? Let’s take you through the visual journey of this project from inception to completion and bagging the award!

IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_00
IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_01
IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_02
IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_03
IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_04
IBDA Award 2019 Analogy_Cooking_Stove_05