Last week Indigo Awards announced their winners for 2019. Yes, you guessed it right! Analogy won a coveted spot in this list. We were awarded the Bronze in Branding by Indigo – an award ceremony held annually in the world’s most cutting-edge cities.

Apart from the knot of excitement in our stomach, hurray in our vocal cords, it was very encouraging as team Analogy received this honor while competing with a lot of great entries in Graphic, UI/UX, Digital, Mobile, and Games Design categories from around the globe.

The jury reviewed all the entries based on the criteria of creativity, originality, and adherence to the topic. And we are proud to say – we are pretty awesome at following the lead as well as taking one!

How Did We Grab the Award?

We participated in the branding category of awards and the win was for our branding project for the Mysusru Consulting Group (MCG) – a global consulting group based out of Mysuru (India) and Boston (USA) that specializes in artificial intelligence and mathematics to find business solutions. Interesting, right? That’s what we thought when we first started working on it.

The consulting group had approached us with a unique requirement to create a strong identity that conveys their data-centric approach, while also upholding the importance of culture in tech and vice versa. We had done a lot of applaudable work in terms of technology and culture individually before but to merge the two was a different kind of a kick altogether – one we knew will land us straight at the awards. And that, it did!

We created the identity – a marriage between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Culture. It seeks to reflect AI in its most distilled form while closely reflecting the roots where MCG began – the city of Mysuru (a.k.a, Mysore in Karnataka, India), a city that’s not only known for its rich culture but is also one of India’s top educational hubs, especially for science and technology.

The result? With our winning logo, MCG’s brand design and identity humanized technology and emphasized on the symbiotic relationship between Mysuru’s culture and AI for the end user.

You can have a look at more details of the project here. And now, let’s show you the visual route from inception to completion and bagging the award!

apparel-branding-mockup-scene@2x copy
mcg-v2--5@2x (1)