During the Singapore Design Week (SDW) 2019 held between the 4th and 17th of March, Analogy was awarded the Finalists Certificate in Multidisciplinary Design. The Singapore Design Awards (SDA) received entries from designers, design students, and design practices from across the world and it remains the leading design award in Southeast Asia. Their objective has always been to celebrate design, creativity, and innovation while raising awareness for the region and the strategic role of designers. It was an absolute honor for Analogy to receive this recognition for the first time in this regard.

So, how did we bag the award?

Good question! To receive this honor, we had submitted not one, but three projects which showcased our multidisciplinary design to the jury:

1. Product innovation in commercial kitchens for Agnisumukh.


Their Goal

The goal was to enable chefs to use a versatile range of dishes to cook while minimizing the equipment and space they occupy.

Our Innovation

Through extensive ethnographic research into the habits and behaviors of the cooks and chefs, we created developed impactful solutions. Analogy designed modular systems which standardized a lot of parts involved in the manufacturing process by having just one ‘base’ cooking stove.

Striking Results

There has been a massive reduction in the number of SKUs of equipment needed to be produced for an average kitchen. In addition, it has dramatically brought costs as well as the overall carbon footprint down by utilizing lesser material, energy, and tooling efforts.

2. Brand identity project for Mysuru Consulting Group (MCG)


Their Goal

MCG is a global consulting group based out of Mysuru (India) and Boston (USA) specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and mathematics to find business solutions. They approached us with a requirement to create a strong identity that allows AI to be easily perceived by the customers as well as showcases the roots of the organization that originate from Mysuru (India).

Our Innovation

The execution was based on the coming together of math and data intelligence with the cultural significance of the city of Mysuru. The final brand logo form was inspired by the iconic Mysore Peta – a colorful turban that symbolizes tradition, accomplishment, and respect. It was designed to visually also represents the M in MCG’s brand logo.

Striking Results

AI is a concept that all of us hear about but do not necessarily understand. With our logo, MCG’s brand design and identity humanized technology and emphasized on the symbiotic relationship between Mysuru’s culture and AI for the end user.

3. Product and tech innovation work for the real estate company Goyal & Co.


Their Goal

They wanted to engage their customers with a better way of displaying their properties in Bangalore, the center of India’s high-tech industry.

Our Innovation

We came up with a solution to display all their properties on a map along with various landmarks across the city. Instead of a regular map, Analogy designed an illustrative pop-up map with Augmented Reality highlighting the Goyal & Co properties while also displaying their location alongside tech parks and other landmarks.

Striking Results

This provided an engaging customer experience as well as an innovative approach to exhibit their properties.

Few More Highlights

In addition to the win, we also participated along with our partner Quantum in the Satellite Programme during SDW. We conducted four brand strategy and design workshops – one about Trust and Transparency and the other about the Landscape of Loneliness. All workshops were conducted at the National Design Centre and attracted a diverse audience from design students to designers and also many non-designers. We had 12 – 15 participants in each session as the workshops were structured to be interactive and collaborative.


The sessions allowed the participants to dive into the topics, identify problem areas, and come up with solutions. The response to both the workshops was fantastic with over 50 participants and many asking for when the next session is going to be.

This was a great debut for Analogy at SDW and we look forward to conducting more design and strategy workshops in Singapore and other countries like Hong Kong, China, Australia, UK, and India in the future.

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