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General Questions

When can you start working?

We usually initiate a project once we have a Master Services Agreement in place with our clients, enabling us to align expectations with reality. Typically, this happens about a week after receiving confirmation on financials and legal agreements.

What sets your company apart from others?

With a myriad of options available, our company is dedicated to delivering exceptional user experiences in both the physical and digital domains. We devote each day to refining our distinctive design process and perspective on the world, its objects, and the interplay between humans and these objects, whether they are digital, physical, or a fusion of both. Our proven track record demonstrates our expertise in this area.

Do you offer internships or employment opportunities for students?

Our hiring approach deviates from the norm. While we have hired numerous interns in the past and relish the opportunity to work with young minds, our focus as a niche studio is on specific areas of expertise. As a result, we seek to recruit specialists with skills that contribute to our distinctive identity. If you believe you possess a distinctive perspective on the blending of physical and digital, we encourage you to apply for any available positions via our social media channels. If you'd like us to review your portfolio, please use the subject line "Portfolio Review (Month/Last Name)" and email it to [email protected]. One of our design leads or creative directors will evaluate your work and respond to you.

How do you handle intellectual property?

With regard to IP, we collaborate with our clients to ascertain their preferences. We seldom work on a for-hire basis and relinquish our rights to unique IP relating to utility or design only if it is agreed upon in advance. If the client has made a substantial investment in developing the technology or design, we co-own the IP with them. However, if the client has not invested in either the technology or the design, we own the IP and license it to the client for usage.

We aim to make a positive impact on the world. Can you assist us with this goal?

We thrive on both incremental and disruptive projects. While product evolution is gratifying, the opportunity to create a revolutionary product stimulates and inspires us. We appreciate clients who recognize the significance of such endeavors and provide the studio with equitable incentives based on business and design objectives.

Do you provide white-label partnership services

We rarely provide white-label partnership services, but we are amenable to doing so provided that we are reasonably compensated for the work involved and the potential value of the idea generated by the project. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] so that we can assess whether it is viable.

Is working with your company expensive?

We are highly competitive in terms of our pricing with the current market rates. Comparing ourselves to other firms or studios is seldom on our agenda as each entity operates uniquely with its distinct business objectives. In our opinion, "expensive" is a relative term that depends on the gravity of the problem and the suitability of our services to address it.


Project Related Questions

What types of projects do you undertake?

We are not confined to any particular domain and are receptive to working with any industry or project that effectively addresses issues and provides value to our clients and their stakeholders. We acknowledge that every project encompasses both a thinking and strategy phase, as well as an execution phase. We can execute a project successfully if we have been involved in the thinking and strategy phases. However, we may not be able to deliver much value if we are expected to execute with someone else's strategy and thinking.

I have the idea and the design in my head. Can you make it?

While we appreciate your enthusiasm and creativity, our core strength lies in taking your idea and vision to the next level by iterating on it and considering every aspect of the product development process. Our goal is to enhance your idea to make it stand out and be unique. If you believe that you have already achieved this level of differentiation, we may not be the best fit for you, and working together may not be worthwhile.

India is an Outsourcing destination, How does this work for Design?

While India is known for being an outsourcing destination, our design services are not focused on execution or repetitive work. Our team comprises highly experienced professionals with a global outlook, having worked with innovative companies worldwide. We have a deep understanding of products and ecosystems and have been helping clients innovate and avoid costly mistakes for the past 15 years. Therefore, we believe that our design services stand out from the typical outsourcing model and provide unique value to our clients.

how do you work seamlessly with clients around the world?

We have been working with clients globally for the past 5 years and have developed a streamlined process for communication and project management. Our team uses various digital tools and platforms to ensure seamless collaboration with clients regardless of their location. We have regular check-ins and calls to discuss project updates and ensure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, we have real-time project management tools in place that allow our clients to track progress and provide feedback throughout the project.

i can go work with design studios in my location, how are you guys special?

We understand that you might have options to work with design studios in your location, but we believe we are special because of our global exposure, deep understanding of different cultures, rich experience working with top brands in the world, and our extensive network of partners and vendors. Our diverse team and approach give us an edge over traditional design studios and we are committed to delivering something unique and differentiated. Who wouldn't want that?

I just need some sketches, can you quickly create them?

Unfortunately, we don't create deliverables without running them through our design frameworks. These frameworks are essential to maintain the quality of our work and the quality of ideas we present to our clients. By breaking down the process into just sketches or ideas, we would not be doing justice to the design process.

awards are for designers, why would it matter to a client ?

Awards are not just for designers, they matter to clients as well. In today's competitive industries and sectors, where most products look and behave similarly, consumers have a hard time choosing a clear winner. Awards from leaders in the industry are a clear sign of the trends being on track and also the product being a differentiator in the marketplace. Furthermore, design teams that win awards and recognition tend to be motivated and driven. As a client, you would want this type of winning combination on your project.



What should be my budget for a project?

For projects that require design work, we base our pricing on the value we can add to the project and to our clients. We do not typically work on projects that are purely focused on execution without the involvement of design. While lower budgets may be appropriate for some execution-focused work, our focus is on solving valuable problems and providing high-quality design services to our clients.

do you bill projects by the hour/resources?

At Analogy, we typically do not bill projects by the hour or by the number of resources at the start. Instead, we work on value-based pricing which involves fixed pricing models, retainers for long-term projects, and equity in the case of startups as the three main pricing models. However, for projects that extend beyond the prototyping phase and involve manufacturing and delivery, hourly/resource-based pricing may make sense. We also ensure that no client project is run by interns or junior designers.

i need a quote for my project, what should i do?

If you would like to receive a price quote for your project, please send us a message and we will be happy to provide you with a range.

Why do you charge in USD when you are in India?

We charge in USD because we work with clients from all around the world, and it helps us maintain a consistent pricing structure. This allows us to provide a fair charge to all of our clients and avoid dealing with fluctuations in currency exchange rates. Additionally, many of our advanced tech projects require resources from multiple countries, so using USD makes more sense for our global operations.

being in india, your cost should be really cheap ?

While our operational costs may be lower as an India-based firm, we do not associate our work with being "cheap." We take great pride in our capabilities and work quality, and have been recognized by many clients for our contributions that have led to 7-figure success. We believe in a fair valuation of our experience, talent, and work.

Why is the starting price for a project at 25,000$

We understand your concern regarding the starting price of $25,000 for a project. However, our pricing is based on the value we add to a project and the experience and expertise we bring to the table. We are committed to providing high-quality work that delivers measurable results and contributes to the success of our clients' businesses. We would be happy to discuss your project and see if there are any alternative solutions that might better suit your needs and budget.



Do you have your own design process?

Yes, at Analogy we have developed our own unique process to design, which is a combination of industry-standard practices and our own frameworks. Our team's different thinking, beliefs, and philosophies allow us to approach mundane products with fresh and interesting perspectives, which result in stunning outcomes.

What is your Design Phylosophy?

Our design philosophy revolves around creating meaningful and memorable experiences for users. We believe that every object has the power to tell a story and build a connection with the user. Our focus is on designing products that not only serve their functional purpose but also evoke emotions and create lasting memories.

How can you ensure your design solutions are relevant to our industry if you don't have prior experience in it?

While we understand that experience is valuable, we also believe that it can sometimes limit creativity and innovation. As a team of designers with diverse backgrounds and expertise, we bring a fresh perspective to each project we work on. We believe that design principles and problem-solving skills are universal and can be applied across different industries. Our goal is to understand your business needs and challenges and use our skills and experience to create relevant and impactful solutions.

Do you practice design thinking?

At Analogy, we certainly value the principles of design thinking and incorporate them into our design process. However, we don't limit ourselves to a rigid framework and prefer to use a combination of industry-standard practices and our own unique approach to bring fresh and innovative results. While design thinking can be helpful, we believe that creativity and flexibility are key to creating timeless products with great consumer experiences.

Can you explain how you combine Industrial Design with UX/UI design?

At Analogy, we strongly believe that the physical and digital experiences are two sides of the same coin. Industrial Design deals with designing the physical products and User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) design deals with designing digital products. The key is to understand that both design disciplines share the same goal: to create a product that meets the needs and expectations of the user. By combining Industrial Design with UX/UI, we can create products that offer a seamless experience from the physical world to the digital world. We start by understanding the user's needs and designing the physical product accordingly. Then we create a digital interface that complements the physical design and provides a seamless experience to the user. This approach helps us create products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and intuitive.

Can you explain the importance of prototypes in your design process?

Prototyping is an integral part of our design process. It allows us to quickly test and iterate on our ideas, validate assumptions, and identify potential issues before investing too much time and resources into a final product. We often create rough, low-fidelity prototypes using materials like paper, cardboard, or even duct tape to get a better understanding of how a product might function in the real world. This helps us to refine our designs and create a final product that meets the needs of our clients and their users.

How do you ensure that your designs are manufacturable?

At Analogy, we understand that designing a product is only part of the process. We also ensure that the design can be effectively produced through a process called Design for Manufacturing (DFM). We work closely with our manufacturing partners to identify and address any potential issues that may arise during the production process. Our team pays close attention to every detail of the design, from material selection to construction techniques, to ensure that the final product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and cost-effective to produce.

Can you explain the importance of prototypes in your design process?

At Analogy, we have extensive experience working with various vendors both domestically and internationally over the past decade. We have built a robust network of reliable electro-mechanical vendors who have demonstrated trustworthiness, timely delivery, and innovation. We have an ecosystem in place that fosters good product design. Whether you need a manufacturer or a developer, we have the expertise to help you bring your idea to life.

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