Eat. Design. Sleep. Repeat. Because we are very “font” of this rhythm and also, because we are reminiscing about a wonderful year – 2018! We turned 3 last year and this definitely calls for indulging in enjoyable recollections down the memory lane. It was the year full of growth, achievements, and positive change for Team Analogy and we wanted you to be a part of it too.

Changing our Brand Identity

Originally started in 2015 as “Artifact Design”, our goal was to design our best and help brands leverage their identity. While doing so, we realised that this is exactly what we needed to do too! Evolving from designing for brands to designing for the people that interact with the brands, we couldn’t postpone showcasing to the world the growth we had mapped in the last three years. So, despite our attachment to Artifact Design, it was time to move ahead. The rebranding was a very intense process from conception to September 2018, when we revealed our new brand identity, yet we are proud to say that it was one of the most fulfilling ones.

Bagging our First Award in India

India’s best design award (IBDA) initiated in 2015 is India’s first to recognize design studios for their professional work, business practices, and transparency. And we were so happy to slip it into our bags! Arun Kumar, the lead designer on this project exclaims how “STOK – A smart inventory management” won India’s Best Design Project of 2018. We were pretty stoked to have this honour! To give you a brief introduction, STOK is a hassle-free inventory management device in your kitchen. It keeps a track of your groceries and notifies you on your mobile phone on what’s empty, through the app, which you can also use to place an order at your convenience store. This simple, connected device with a mechanical load cell and Bluetooth transmitter made headlines on multiple platforms. Interested in reading more about kitchen inventory management

IBDA analogy award winner - 2018

There is Strength in Numbers

Vyasateja Rao started the company as a one-man army, and now there’s a team of 20 multi-talented designers, thinkers, and engineers who put together an award winning design strategy, apart from HR, finance, marketing, and client managers. In the last 18 months, we have shifted 3 offices due to the steady team growth and even though moving is a pain, we are not complaining. Infact, we are having a Helvetica good time!

Product Innovation and Successful Kickstarter Launch

Who doesn’t like travelling? But what we all hate is carrying around the luggage, especially if it’s a backpacking trip! Hold your tickets when we tell you that we have designed the world’s first backpack with an inbuilt back massager. That’s right! A backpack that gives you a back massage while you’re on the go. Now, can we say, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!?” The backpacks we designed for EUME come in two forms – the Daily Backpack and Travel Backpack, and both share some incredible features to make your life a fun trip. The Daily Pack has been designed keeping in mind the routine of the urban warrior and the Travel Pack has been designed for the travel enthusiast. Both bags assure comfort, immense storage space, easy accessibility, security, and peace of mind. According to statistics, “The Kickstarter campaign for EUME did extremely well. We hit our 1-month target in under 12 hours.” To know more, hop onto our Massager Backpacks blog.

Worlds first massager backpack - 2018

Bigger Digital Presence

Sagarika (Saga), our Digital Marketing Executive says, “Sharing our work and culture on social media has increased our engagement and followers by 200%.” Owing to this, a lot of people approached us for projects, internships, partnering, and jobs via our social media channels. Understanding the importance of our online presence, we have made it a point to keep our various platforms Behance, Dribbble, Medium, Coroflot, along with the main social media channels, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram updated, so that you can check out our latest work any time you get a wishful thinking.

Staying Creative!

Pajaki chandelier is a traditional springtime craft in Poland and Karolina as a very well known craftsperson for this type of craft came down to India for Bengaluru By Design recently. It was an 8-hour long workshop, and as you can see (in the image below), the results were amazing. We swear, we craft so hard, we were sweating in glitter! But honestly, this craft needs a lot of time and patience. And since we were all tyros, it took us more time to complete the chandelier. To add to the fun, Saga came back with needle poke marks on her hand post session, only because she didn’t want to leave the Pajaki half done. That’s how much involvement, commitment, and fun we have with our every project.

Team analogy attended the Pajaki workshop in 2018
Saga attended the Pajaki workshop held by Karolina

Project Success

When creativity and passion fill your work, it can’t escape recognition. In 2018, not only did we receive client appreciation, but also got ourselves some media coverage. The Guardian Case designed for Poetic was one of the best-reviewed phone cases in the US. And our concept for smart inventory management traveled far and wide, receiving applaud and coverage in India, US, Canada, Japan, and China.

Studio celebrations  

We believe a good life is a collection of happy moments and so we started 2018 with hosting events for all our clients in India. The team members and clients enjoyed the evening bringing in the New Year while swaying to some really catchy tunes. Before that, we also squeezed in a lot of fun and happiness during Christmas and Diwali by making sure we spent time with family & friends, and decorating our studio. We pledged to go green and the only “burst” we could indulge in was laughter; no crackers were allowed! Christmas was a reminder of how well we knew each other, making sure it’s always jingles all the way! Apart from these, as part of our company culture, we make sure we get together for team lunches each week and we call them Friyayy! Believe us, people can order the wackiest dishes every single time and always end up regretting it. But maintaining this very vibing culture in the studio is something we truly believe in.

Rebooting Ourselves Over the Winter holidays

2018 had been a super hectic year for all of us at Analogy. So, we decided to take a 10-day break in the last of December, and that was one of the best decisions we took for ourselves, as maintaining a work-life balance is something that we are extremely religious about at Analogy. The break gave every individual a chance to tick a few items off their bucket list, get some sun-tan, and get energized for the coming year. And we were happy to notice the employee performance that skyrocketed afterward.

They say, grass is always greener on the other side. We say, the grass is always greener where you boost the saturation – Just so you know!

See you again!